Focused Image is Here to Help With Government Public Relations

Before we can dive into what government public relations is, we need to first define what public relations is. At its very core, public relations is about engaging, influencing, and building relationships with stakeholders across various platforms in order to shape the public’s perception of your organization. It is a form of strategic communication that works to build relationships that are mutually beneficial for both your organization and the public.

Because of this, public relations is the backbone of each and every successful marketing and communication campaign. And the exact same can be said in regards to government public relations. At Focused Image, we create and implement programs to reach your target audience with clear messaging throughout various platforms.

Government Public Relations

The government is actually one of the first organizations to practice public relations. This is so that the government could maintain a positive relationship with the public. If you think about it, the government is constantly in the media and on social media making government public relations very important to maintain positive relationships.

Why Government Public Relations is Important

Government public relation specialists work to

  • Expand the government agency’s sensitivity in relation to what the public needs and what the public desires
  • Implement public policy
  • Facilitate internal communication between different government agencies
  • Assist the news and media in covering government events
  • Inform citizens about activities that the government is holding

These everyday government public relations tasks may seem tedious and boring, however, they each come with different hurdles and crises to tackle such as:

  • Ethic violations
  • Public apathy
  • Politicians interfering
  • Lack of transparency
  • Unsupportive media
  • Poor image

How We Handle Government Public Relations

Our team at Focused Image tackles the world of government PR in a few ways. From analyzing public opinion, and reputation protection all the way to creating content, there are a lot of moving pieces to track.


We help to anticipate, analyze and interpret the public’s opinion and attitude toward important issues. These issues may have an impact that is good or bad and it is our job to help plan accordingly.


Our specialists also provide counseling and management for all levels of government in regards to policy decisions, courses of action, and crisis communications. We do all of this while also taking into account the public ramifications that may be faced.

Reputation Protection

Your reputation is everything. And when we handle your government public relations we work to protect the reputation of your organization.


We conduct and evaluate research continuously making sure that any implemented programs or communication have successfully informed the public of necessary information. Some of these programs may include marketing, fundraising, employees, and community and government relations.


A large part of government public relations is the planning and implementation of efforts to influence and or change public policy.


We work with you to set objectives, plan, budget, recruit and train staff, as well develop facilities. What this essentially means is that we manage the resources that are needed to perform each of the tasks above.


As government public relations contractors we also take the time to create content in order to drive public engagement.

Our Government PR Disciplines

Our team at Focused Image helps you with:

  • Brand Journalism
  • Reputation Management
  • Speechwriting
  • Internal Communication
  • Executive Communication
  • Marketing Communication
  • Crisis Communication
  • Corporate Communication
  • Investor Relation Communication
  • Integrated Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Multimedia
  • Media Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Events
  • Social Media

If you are looking for government PR services contact our team at Focused Image today! We have years of experience in helping the public sector and our data driven decision making helps to set us apart from our biggest competitors.