Programmatic Marketing

At Focused Image we utilize programmatic marketing services when it comes to working with our clients. This faction of marketing describes an advanced strategy that uses an automated, real time bidding process to purchase ad inventory.

Don’t worry, we know that all of that sounds a little confusing but when we talk about real-time bidding, it is almost exactly what it sounds like! In its simplest form, this tool is an automated digital auction process that advertisers use to bid on add space from publishers on a cost-per-thousand impression (or CPM) basis. CPM is the cost you pay for one thousand people to see your ad.

Much like a normal auction, the highest bid from relevant ads will win the ad placement. This marketing process allows you to advertise to specific users in a specific context, resulting in ads that are specifically targeted and effective.

Programmatic Marketing Services Broken Down

If you are still feeling a little confused by this process let’s start with a quick overview of the steps that make up programmatic marketing services.


Whenever someone enters a website that is involved in programmatic advertising it prompts the automated advertising process to start.


In response to this the website publisher automatically sends their product for advertisers to purchase.


After receiving the information on the available ad space, the user’s cookies are analyzed. The goal in this step is to learn as much about the user’s interests and demographics to deliver ads that are relevant to the particular user.


Once reviewing the information that has been gathered, the user’s worth can then be evaluated and assigned a value.


Once a value is assigned to that user a bid is submitted in real time, which is why some people refer to programmatic marketing services as real-time bidding.


Once the bid arrives it will be reviewed along with any other bids and more often than not, the winner is often the highest bidder.


Once the winner is picked the ad is delivered to the user. This process happens so fast that the ad will load with the page and appear on the user’s screen.

The Why Behind Programmatic Marketing Services

Now that you have a little bit of an understanding of the process of programmatic marketing, it is important to understand the advantages that it poses to your business. A huge perk of this process is that it lowers your advertising costs and optimizes your ad speed. Our team at Focused Image also loves this process because it helps to boost your productivity. Since programmatic marketing services are automated it allows for more time to be dedicated to high priority tasks that require your attention. Even though the process can handle itself, we always take the time to check on campaigns. This allows for us to receive real time feedback from the audiences that are seeing your ads and how they are responding.

Along with streamlining your ad buying and expanding your audience insights, there are plenty of advantages to programmatic marketing. This service is perfect for all businesses and one that we recommend highly. We would love to help set you and your business up for success by utilizing programmatic marketing services! Contact us today for more information on our programmatic marketing services. We can’t wait to help you bring your business’ image into focus.