Recruitment Event Communication

When it comes to recruitment event communication, these plans are crucial for employers that want to build meaningful relationships with potential clients and employees.

What is Recruitment Event Communication and Why do you Need One?

An effective recruitment event communication plan works to help boost and streamline engagement leading up to an event, during an event, and after the event. This plan will also help you

  • Build Brand Awareness: Recruitment event communication works to capture candidates’ attention and works to build excitement about meeting your team. When candidates are familiar with your brand they are more likely to visit your event booth and pursue the opportunities that are available within your organization.
  • Own the Narrative: These plans also work to present candidates with information about your company versus leaving them to do independent research that isn’t always accurate. A recruitment event communication plan also helps to provide information about company awards, employee life, and the company’s culture
  • Maximize on ROI: By engaging with candidates before these events, you are ensuring that more people will be visiting you. It is also important to have automated communications ready to send after the event in order to follow up and nurture these potential candidates further down the hiring funnel.
  • Improve the Experience: Letting candidates know about the next steps during your company’s hiring process is not only a good practice, but it could also be the key factor in welcoming them to your team or losing them out to another company.

Our Steps in Creating a Recruitment Event Communication Plan

When it comes to working with our team at Focused Image on your event communication plan we take a unique approach that engages candidates, before, during, and after the event.

Set Goals

The first thing that we do is work to set goals. What are your KPI’s, and how can they be accomplished throughout this communication plan? Are you looking for a certain number of candidates to pre-register for the event? What open roles are available at your company? By aligning these goals, we will be able to guide your communication strategy and keep the objectives at the forefront of the plan.

Identify your Target Audiences

When determining your target audience it is important to be as focused and specific as possible. It is important to brainstorm this audience and acknowledge that this audience may vary based on events. Some key audience criteria that our team takes into consideration include:

  • Geography: Our team takes the time to search your CRM system for candidates that may live or currently work near the events that you are attending. These people may include people you have met before that now have more experience or even former employees. It is important to reach out and invite them to the events in order to build interest and keep your company at the front of their mind.
  • Skillset: If you are looking to fill specific positions at your company, our team will search your CRM platform for candidates that may match your desired skill set. We will message these candidates ahead of time to make sure they know your company will be in attendance at this event and then provide them with the resources that they need to move forward.
  • Event attendance: We will also take the time to go over lists from previous events that you have attended to follow up with previous attendees that have already shown interest.

Each of these components is vital when it comes to your event communication plan.

Choose your Communication Platforms

The next step that we take is determining which communication platform will be the most effective in reaching your target audience. This is important because the channels and content that you use to engage with event attendees can make or break a potential relationship.

Some platforms that we use to do this include:

  • Social Media: Social media platforms help you engage with potential event attendees as well as the ability to reach a wider audience. An important part of an event communication plan is the scheduling of weekly posts that encourage your audience to attend your events. Using hashtags specific to the event as well as polls and other engaging content is extremely important in boosting engagement.
  • Text messaging: In the culture that we live in now, most people want immediacy in everything that they do. And when it comes to texting this method of communication has been found to be one of the most effective. We work with you to send event reminders, and other important business information to your target audience via text.
  • Email: Incorporating email campaigns into your event communication plan helps you to tailor messaging for different audiences that you are working to target.
  • Career Site: Posting an event schedule on your career site is important because it allows attendees to see where your company will be represented. You are also able to include pre-registration forms so that attendees can sign up and you can gather their information. Key components in a successful career page is the ability to make your page stand out, with easy to submit applications and plenty of information about your company.

Create a Timeline

Our team also helps you create a timeline with our event communication plan services. Each phase of the event should incorporate unique messaging, platforms, and audiences for the best results. Our team at Focused Image helps you through the pre-event process, during the event, and after the event too!

Execute Communications

Event planning can be chaotic. Between securing the space, planning traveling, and managing everyone’s schedule there are a lot of components to consider. Our team at Focused Image works with you to compose messages ahead of time, schedule communications through specialized tools, and use social media to boost interest.

Evaluate Success

The most important step in this process is to evaluate the success afterward. We will sit down with you and review the goals that were set at the beginning of the event and will begin to re-strategize as needed for the next event.

We would love to help you tackle your next event with great success. Contact us today for more information about our recruitment event communication services.