Changing the Recruiting Game

We call it Digital Recruiting. It’s applying the sophisticated online advertising technology (AdTech) used by the world’s most powerful brands to reach the exact candidates you need. Focused Image is on the cutting edge of a new way of acquiring talent. Applying the exact tactic, we use to digitally market goods and services, we now offer tailored campaigns to market job opportunities to highly skilled prospects.

Prospecting Campaigns

We attract new candidates by delivering your employee value proposition and job opening to hyper-targeted personas. Utilizing multiple targeting approaches, we help you reach both active and passive candidates across multiple channels and job-seeker touchpoints to maximize exposure. Following prospects through the daily digital journey, we reengage target candidates to stay top of mind and maximize conversion rates.

Programmatic AdTech

We have developed a unified platform that leverages data science to enhance delivery and performance across all channels. Applying A/B testing and optimization strategies, we build campaigns that are designed to connect you with the right talent at the right time to maximize results. Our approach targets precise criteria, such as job title, professional credentials, current employer, geographic location, etc., with recruiting ads that follow our highly segmented audience through their digital life wherever they go, including:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Paramount Plus
  • Peacock
  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • ESPN
  • Hulu
  • Internet radio, including hundreds of others

The nature of digital marketing means these campaigns are metric-driven, so it’s easy to determine success and a demonstrable return on investment. Our approach turns your recruiting team from gatherers to hunters.


We utilize the Facebook/Instagram ad platform due to its extensive and devoted user base, affordable cost-per-click (CPC) rates, and strong geographic targeting features.


Focused Image utilizes the LinkedIn ad network due to the platform’s professional nature, extensive demographic targeting, remarketing capabilities, and history of being an excellent recruiting medium.

Google Search

We utilize the Google Search ad platform’s inbound search marketing capabilities, where we can bid on relevant recruiting keywords and display results on relevant job searches. Keywords for this campaign can target searches for relevant job titles and job searches featuring competitors’ names.

Digital Recruitment Marketing Process

We apply a linear approach to the development and management of our Digital Recruitment Marketing Initiatives:

  • Development of initial campaign structure
  • Installation of necessary pixels and tags
  • Development of targeting and delivery profiles
  • Development of creative concepts
  • Review and refinement of targeting
  • Importing finalized creative
  • Placement and management through necessary dashboards
  • Daily monitoring of video and web performance
  • On-going A/B testing
  • Optimization based on performance
  • Weekly reporting

Landing Page

Focused Image develops a customized recruiting landing page that follows the imagery theme and messaging of the advertising creative. The landing page offers a strong call to action for qualified audience members to apply for relevant openings.

End-to-End Data Insights

Applying real-time campaign adjustments, we optimize campaign efficiency and maximize investment, including bidding, budgeting, and forecasting. Throughout the lifecycle of a campaign, we provide easy-to-understand customized reports that identify key performance metrics and observations in order to enhance campaign performance.