Brand New™

Creating a distinctive brand for the organization is both a strategic and creative exercise involving numerous aspects of the business and extends far beyond marketing. A stronger brand message and image allows an organization to be more relevant and meaningful, to tell its story in a way that connects with its customers, prospects, employees, potential employees and partners. In a brand-driven organization, the brand is not only the foundation of the company’s marketing activities, but an essential part of its business strategy.

Our experts have deep insight into how to develop a compelling brand and how to utilize the latest technology to deliver strategic brand messaging to an organizations most vital target audiences. Applying our years of experience in market research, competitive analysis, creative development and strategic messaging, we’ve developed a proven process that helps our clients:

  • Clearly define their organization’s core offerings
  • Understand what shapes their brand
  • Gain knowledge and identify the tools that best build and enhance their brand



Our process, Brand New™, is Focused Image’s unique branding methodology.

Composed of in-depth analysis and research, Brand New is designed to illuminate the essence of a brand and inspire a powerful strategically grounded message and image. By applying this proven brand development methodology, we help organizations of all sizes and sectors establish, build and promote their brands.

This approach is straight-forward and linear:

The Discovery phase consists of one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, a competitive brand analysis and an assessment of marketplace trends.

The Analysis phase includes a review of business and sales objectives, tactical plans, as well as, current messaging.

In the Development phase, we capture and analyze the key findings to create the new messaging and image.

In the Collaboration phase, our team presents concepts for review, feedback and modification.

In the Implementation phase, finalized messaging and tactical plans are executed.

What makes Focused Image unique is that our work doesn’t end with the launch of a brand. We create innovative strategies to engage stakeholders through ongoing programs that build brand relationships and increase brand buoyancy. Components of these programs can include:

  • Online and Traditional Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales Support Programs
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Events