Why Graphic Design is Important for Marketing

As a consumer, you experience graphic design elements each and everyday. However, you may not realize that these graphics you are seeing are part of a marketing plan.

In many ways these designs can be considered a form of art, and good graphic design elements can breathe life into marketing campaigns. But, that beauty isn’t the only reason these elements should be included in marketing. These designs are also an essential tool for creating brand awareness and pushing potential clients to trust you and your product.

Design doesn’t stop after you decide on your logo. It is an important factor in each and every part of your business especially in marketing. So, why is it important to include graphic design in your digital marketing campaigns?

What is Graphic Design?

Before we can tackle that question we have to actually define graphic design. Many people think that it means incorporating pictures into your advertisements but that’s not all it is.

It is a way for your business to communicate with the target audience and is an integral part of your digital marketing. It is also important to know that graphic designers are different from your standard designer. Graphic designers base their designs around a human centric approach in order to create an experience. While designers focus more so on the design’s visual appeal. An in marketing each design decision must serve a greater purpose.

Graphic Design and Marketing

You’ve heard the phrase, “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” before right? Well it’s actually kinda true. The human brain processes images in a unique way, and recent studies have found that our brains process images up to 60,000 times faster than we do with words. This is why it should come to no surprise that adding graphic elements to your marketing will help to increase sals.

Design Elements Included in Marketing

Graphic designs incorporate multiple elements such as colors, typography, symbols, fonts, and placement in order to communicate messages to your consumers. These designs are one of the only ways to successfully create brand awareness. Each and every shape, color, and line are chosen in an attempt to evoke emotion from your audience and lead them to purchase your product or use your services.

Boosts Traffic to Your Website

Search engines and SEO are huge for your business, and search engines love high quality images. Because of these your graphic designs can help boost your websites authority and overall rank on google.

Gives Your Brand Personality

Designs help to give your company a personality. This personality is usually in line with your company’s culture. For example, if your company is very family oriented then a potential client should be able to see that immediately.

Helps with Brand Identity

Part of a graphic designer’s job includes the creation of a unique identity for the company. This is a set style, tone, and overall message that helps to set you apart from your competitors. This unique style will allow your clients to spot your logo and company immediately when they see one of your ads.

Graphic Design Speaks Without Words

Graphic design helps to reach people all across the world, not just in your immediate area- especially throughout your digital marketing campaigns. Visual elements can speak to the audience about what your company has to offer without even using a single word. Thus breaking down the language barrier and helping you to reach an even wider audience.

Easy to Consume

If we are being honest, advertisements are everywhere, so much so that people can feel bombarded with them. However, good graphic design helps to make your ads easy for people to consume and stand out instead of getting lost in the crowd.

Increased Sales

At the end of the day the entire point of your marketing campaign and the graphic design elements that go along with it, is an increase in sales. Graphic designs can help to create visual appeal to your website along with other digital marketing aspects.

Sense of Professionalism

No matter how hard we try, it is in our basic nature to judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to comparing businesses. Let’s face it, if you go to a website that is poorly designed you will probably exit out and keep searching. When your design elements are good you are viewed as being more professional and trustworthy.

Communicates Your Brand Perspective

Once you have been able to establish your company’s image your target audience will be able to recognize you almost immediately. This helps to build trust among your potential customers. A large part of building your brand revolves around building recognizability and longevity and less to do with making actual sales. With each and ever design that you create you will want to keep this in mind. You aren’t creating for just short term goals, but for long term ones too.

Mobile Optimized

An essential element of all modern design is mobile optimization. Most people browse the internet on their mobile devices. This means that they are viewing your website on their phone or scrolling the Facebook mobile app when your ad pops up. Because of this you want to make sure that all of your graphic design elements will display well on both mobile and desktop. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile browsing studies have shown that you will lose over 60% of possible customers. This shows just how important graphic design is throughout your entire marketing campaign.

Let Us Help with Your Graphic Design Needs

Trust is extremely important to have between your business and your consumers. Having a solid logo, unique brand, and a user friendly site will help to achieve that trust. And each and everyone of of those elements requires graphic design.

Design is something that is a part of your daily life, and it is so vital to have design in your marketing. Think about your favorite products or company… chances are an image is what popped into your mind and that image is thanks to graphic design. Contact us today for more information on how to tackle the world of digital marketing.