Explaining B2G Marketing

What is B2G Marketing

B2G Marketing – also known as business to government marketing, is a marketing method where a business sells services, products, or information to federal, state, or local government agencies. When you think of selling your products or services, most business owners focus their attention on selling to consumers or individual buyers. But with B2G marketing the focus is on compelling these government agencies to buy from your business versus another.

B2G marketing is also commonly referred to as public sector marketing. This type of marketing uses print and digital marketing methods to communicate the products and services that they offer to interested government agencies.

How B2G Marketing Comes into Focus

When it comes to business to government marketing relationships, they are usually formed through government initiation. Government agencies will identify their needs to the public through their yearly budget requests and other types of solicitations. The projects that the government needs to be completed are publicized in an attempt to attain bids and proposals from businesses that are interested in winning the contract for the said project.

Throughout this process, it is important to know that not each and every government contract is made available to the public. When it comes to the federal government, there are different rules for contract publication. Some of these contracts can be highly classified making the B2G marketing process a little more difficult. In comparison, however, local government agencies will reach out directly to companies they know of to collect these project bids

Securing the Contract

The formal process of B2G marketing work begins with a contract opportunity, however, most businesses to government interactions start way before the opportunity even formally exists. Just like businesses’ needs are constantly evolving, the government and its agencies are constantly evolving too. This makes the projects that these government agencies contract out ever changing.

There are key components that revolve around creating a successful B2G marketing relationship, some of which include:

  • Content that is specific to what government agencies are looking for
  • Attending government events
  • Participating as a sponsor for government activities
  • Education sessions through webinars

All of these examples revolve around putting a focus on education on the topic that addresses the government or agency’s needs versus focusing completely on sales. Focusing on these aspects will be effective in increasing the contracting officer’s (also known as a CO is a person who can negotiate on behalf of the United States Government) awareness of your company and what it can offer.

Knowing the Rules in B2G Marketing

Before starting the bid for a government contract it is important to understand the rules of B2G marketing relationships. This relationship is definitely different from your standard business to consumer marketing our business to business marketing relationships. The B2G marketing process can be long depending on the nature of the contract. A government agency may require a lot of information including financial statements, past performances, and any similar work that you have done that would relate to the project.

In order for this relationship to be successful, it is important to fully understand the requirements laid out in the contract as well as the rules and processes that the government follows.

Tackling the World of B2G Marketing

If you haven’t realized, the process of B2G marketing is a complex one. This is why having a company that is skilled in facilitating business to government relationships is extremely important. At Focused Image we understand all of the challenges that are involved in B2G marketing, making us your ideal team in facilitating these relationships and securing the contracts you want.

We work with you and your business to create a strategic and thoughtful B2G marketing plan and we do so by:

  1. Defining the Problem and Presenting a Solution that Favors youIn the business to government marketing world, if you start trying to win a contract after it goes live and the necessary requirements have been defined, you are already too late to the game. Having well placed content and building relationships will work to get you ahead of the competition and stand out right from the beginning.
  2. Building Trust, Credibility, and Setting your Business Apart From OthersWe work with you to demonstrate your company’s expertise and knowledge in the area that is important to a given government agency. In doing this we are creating something of value to capture the attention of various government agencies. In captioning their attention with a shared interest this works to establish trust with your business which will, in turn, set you apart from your competitors and a pitch that focuses on selling rather than a mutual relationship.
  3. Gaining Insight into Their NeedsBecause of our experience in B2G marketing we have a unique insight into what government agencies are looking for in the businesses that they work with. We are able to expand on your business’ capabilities and make you stand out amongst the other businesses vying for these government contracts.

How do you Know if Your Business would Succeed in B2G Marketing

Not all businesses will succeed in their B2G marketing efforts simply because their industry does not coincide with the needs of a local, state, or federal government agency. However, you would be surprised by the needs that these agencies have. Some examples of successful B2G marketing relationships include:

  • Janitorial Businesses- These companies are usually specific to a facility and have available contracts in both state and local government agencies. An example of what this contract would look like would be a janitorial company providing services for a new multi-purpose center.
  • Veteran’s Services- The Department of Veterans Affairs require a lot of different services making this government agency open to many potential contracts with businesses
  • IT Companies- Contracts between government agencies and IT companies are extremely common, making B2G marketing efforts to promote your IT company to government agencies successful and worth pursuing
  • Construction- These contracts are found throughout federal, state, and local government agencies. The government is constantly building new facilities or updating old ones.

We understand that vying for a contract with a government agency can be stressful, but that’s why our team at Focused Image is here to help you. With our vast amount of experience in B2G marketing services, we know exactly how to make your business stand out from the competition. Contact us today for more information about our B2G marketing services.