What We Do


Government Service Providers

For more than 35 years, we’ve helped government service providers (GSP) in the Washington D.C. area and beyond win business, positioning ourselves as the go-to resource for expert knowledge on marketing, digital marketing, social media management, design, branding, public relations, and advertising. For any project or campaign, Focused Image provides our clients with the expertise they need to help achieve their business objectives regardless of size or scope.

Navigating the government contracting world can be a challenge. Our experts speak the language of government contracting, meaning we understand such terms as; Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts, Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPAR’s), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) estimates, improving OCONUS presence, Capture, and all the complexities of C5ISR.

In contrast to normal Business-to-Business (B2B) processes, we know that GSPs operate under different procedures and rules – performance for government customers is not defined by a profit/loss (P&L) statement but by the measurable successes of the mission.