Public Relations

Our fast-paced, dynamic, and creative public relations team can help develop results-focused, award-winning public relations programs that move the needle for any organization, product, or cause.

Our Approach to Public Relations

With an approach that’s strategically driven – creating results that impact your bottom-line objectives – we thoroughly integrate public relations programs with the rest of your marketing and communications initiatives. We have a formula for success and a process for program implementation that is applicable for organizations and industries of all types and sizes.

Our Team of Public Relations Professionals

Our award-winning public relations team includes trained journalists who know what makes good news as well as experienced social media experts who understand what gets people talking and keeps them connected. We have a passion for first-rate customer service and follow the Public Relations Society of America’s code of ethics.

Generating News Through Public Relations

No matter the topic or industry, we can help you succeed in generating a constant flow of news about your organization, product or cause by discovering your news stories, crystallizing your message, and engaging with media and target audiences to achieve your goals. We have strong relationships with media in local, national and international markets – but most important, we understand news, and respect the news media. This enables us to identify, shape and pitch news for you in a manner that generates media coverage in any market, for any topic, with success.

Building Relationships

Beyond media relations, we can also help you establish or enhance relationships with employees, customers, industry, investors and the community by leveraging a wide variety of public relations strategies and tactics, including:

  • Social Media – Award-winning blogs and social channels created specifically for you, to help you achieve your communications objectives, including channel administration and content management
  • Video Production – Attention-grabbing visuals to support news campaigns, live events, and social media programs
  • Websites – Effective media centers, SEO news programs, micro-sites and more, built to ensure digital integration of your communications program
  • Matte Releases – Syndicated news coverage to bring your messaging directly to consumers in local and regional traditional and online media
  • Events – News conferences, photo ops, brand or product launches, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and high-profile celebrations
  • Media Training and Coaching – Training offered by our media spokespersons to help your executives become savvy media liaisons in broadcast, online and print interviews

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you build and manage a proactive public relations program to drive success for your brand, product or service.

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