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America’s place in battlespace dominance relies heavily on improving technology to outpace our adversaries, focusing on enhancing national security by employing advanced aerospace technologies. For more than 35 years, Focused Image has helped aerospace companies in the defense and commercial sectors worldwide by offering complete, innovative, end-to-end communication solutions that enhance the value of our clients’ businesses and drive growth.

Our expertise in developing integrated mission-ready marketing and media campaigns has positioned us as the go-to source for marketing, social media management, design, branding, public relations, advertising, and more. For the clients we serve, we achieve business objectives in stride and continue propelling their mission forward.

For our clients in the defense aerospace sector, we know which aspects are considered “mission-critical” and how to engage your company’s brand in the marketplace. We have experience in national security strategies such as improving resiliency in space architecture, strengthening deterrence and warfighting options to prevent potential adversaries from creating conflict in space, and improving intelligence and situational awareness, as well as in acquisition processes.

We lead the charge in integrated communications campaigns for our clients, focusing primarily on rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, ensuring that they have the communications support they need to accomplish their goals. We provide our clients with the deliverables and confidence they need to win new contracts and re-competes and to consistently engage their customers with a focused marketing strategy that drives sales.

We know that those in the aerospace and defense industries operate under unique circumstances and regulations. We understand how customers in aerospace consume information, and we focus on an omnichannel approach.

Led by a team of communication experts and design professionals, we combine effective strategies with compelling creative force to inspire action and drive businesses forward. The communication services we provide to our clients include:


To maintain stability and sustainability over time in supporting prominent aerospace brands, we believe that identifying your value proposition early on is critical to achieving success when marketing to an audience of buyers and influencers. Focused Image has extensive experience identifying the driving interests and decision-making benefits of our aerospace clients’ end customers. Our full-service marketing teams can work with you to design, create, and implement your communications campaign, from planning to production to execution.

We offer traditional and digital media solutions, including:

Media Planning and Buying – Establishing an effective marketing strategy in the aerospace sector requires analyzing a company’s initial strategic competitive advantages that contribute to the company’s goals and marketing objectives. Focused Image excels at turning marketing strategies into effective media plans to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the customer’s needs and wants. We provide you with an overall game plan with step-by-step details on how to continue reaching prospects, and strategies that will help turn them into long-term customers of the products, services, and solutions that your business provides.

Integrated Launches and Campaigns – We have found that using an integrated launch or integrated campaign can successfully leverage marketing components and work more intelligently to address customer needs. The marketing specialists at Focused Image can help you improve and incorporate elements such as marketing channel selection, campaign messaging and metrics, market research, strategic planning, audience segmentation, budgeting, and ROI analysis. To maximize the impact of your objectives through our integrated marketing approach, we take your message and promote it through multiple channels in a coordinated effort to create and maintain awareness of your target audience, as it remains subject to change.

Website and Multimedia Development – Actively engaging your audience with a content-driven marketing plan is one of the best methods to gain an advantage over the competition. Our writers understand how to weave SEO-friendly syntax with compelling content that will score your site high among search engines and attract new and returning visitors to your website.

Brand Identity and Naming – For a company to be an effective partner within the aerospace community, it needs to understand the aerospace sector’s global criticality. We develop strategies with creative execution and advertising appeal in mind for every branding project we take on. Our experts can show you how to promote specific capabilities to build your brand awareness and reputation across numerous channels, working diligently to identify what differentiates you from your competitors and how to break through the market clutter. Our goal at Focused Image is to translate your marketing strategy into a well-developed and polished brand-building campaign that aligns with your specified strategic objectives from start to completion.

Public Relations and Campaign Management – Building an aerospace brand requires a dedicated public relations campaign to rally support for upcoming programs and raise public endorsement through consumer engagement. At Focused Image, we strive to make sure the client owns each part of the marketing process to ensure goals are achieved, placing the focus on how to most effectively improve the planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of your marketing initiative, regardless of size or scope.

Reporting – When critical challenges are facing the nation, we see this as an opportunity to reintegrate information. When analyzing a media campaign, our in-depth reporting is the most effective way to present what you can do, the results that can be achieved, and whether or not they are effective. We will provide measurable results to examine the services and resources invested in carrying out your marketing strategy’s indicated milestones.

Search Engine Marketing – The most effective marketing strategy usually stems from how your customers search. We believe that properly optimized content has a basis in a well-developed business profile that drives traffic with relevant information, connects to high-profile personalities, and engages influencers. As the landscapes of the intelligence communities and federal civilian agencies continue to grow in complexity, we will give you the latest tools and techniques you need to build a better business. If you are ready to start optimizing your site, our experts are standing by to help you develop contextual content that will enhance your ability to reach new page visitors and increase your customer base.

In working with our marketing specialists’ team, we will recommend the most appropriate communications campaign to meet your strategy, deliverables, and budget. Using our integrated marketing approach, we can help you reach the right target audiences every time.

Social Media Management

We pride ourselves on our ability to research, innovate, and integrate social channels into everything we do. From global security to cybersecurity, we see social media channels as opportunities for agencies to learn how to communicate value more effectively. We take stock of your goals and recommend actionable solutions to achieve them, regardless of project size, scope, or intensity. A business’s external digital presence is the first thing a potential customer will see when seeking information about your brand. At Focused Image, we offer these services across a full range of social media platforms:

Social Media Advertising – Focused Image can provide quality assistance in assessing, assembling, and attaining realistic and relevant social media marketing goals. If reaching your critical audiences via Twitter is vital or developing a Facebook fan page will help drive the conversation, we can design and execute a social media campaign to effectively engage these audiences. We compile a summary of your social media goals and intended marketing milestones to provide you with the information you need to improve for all of your customers.

Implementation Plans – Whether you work in the aerospace, defense-mil, public or private sector(s), your implementation plan should be an intelligence-backed document that effectively dictates the actions and methods you’ll need to successfully drive your strategy from start to finish. Our media strategists help you with your implementation plans by developing a work breakdown structure and critical path method for the most efficient handling of tasks. From there, we can improve your business by hosting weekly or monthly planning sessions, developing real-time editorial or campaign calendars, conducting risk assessments, assisting in delegating tasks to leadership, or providing any other deliverables you may need.

Social Channel Management – As many in the aerospace community know, building a substantial digital social presence requires more than just knowing your demographic. Focused Image’s highly skilled execution team can compose a calculated media strategy to improve your social channel ping and response rate through services like channel monitoring and content management. We work with experience, tact, and accuracy, which can increase your paid and organic engagement, produce more comments, improve result metrics, and increase your overall channel optimization.

Content Development – Aerospace and defense contractors spend years shaping their corporate identity, so in our approach to creative development, we craft every project with your corporate identity in mind to discover which content form will heighten your brand’s impact the most. Focused Image’s award-winning content creators design with a focus, attribute their sources accurately, and adequately cite relevant subject matter experts (SMEs). When we draft content, we always finalize with client input and any additional considerations to confidently ensure high-quality content throughout the entirety of a project.

Creative Execution – One of our goals at Focused Image is to take your marketing strategy and translate it into a new, polished brand-building campaign that remains in line with your strategic objectives, from formation to finished product. In developing campaign concepts with our aerospace clientele, we have produced custom-designed blueprints and design comps as an easy way for the client to approve or change designs. At this stage, we will have enough information to create a final, comprehensive layout of your creative execution plan with the accuracy and precision you need to achieve your goals.

Campaign Management – By monitoring your channels, managing your campaign content, reporting result metrics, or even responding to comments and other types of responses, Focused Image can reengineer your media campaign to be more effective and produce longer-lasting results. Our team personally manages your marketing campaign to ensure that all parties are involved with every part of the marketing process so that goals are met on time or ahead of schedule.

Metrics Reporting – As demonstrated by our work with clients in the aerospace community, we can quickly examine the services and resources necessary to carry out your marketing strategy’s goals and provide you with measurable results that you can use as you see real, applicable improvements. When delivering reports, we analyze campaign results, from anticipated results to projected profits, identifying trends and actionable intelligence in a cohesive, easy-to-read digest format.

Connecting with Industry Influencers – Like its defense and military counterparts, the aerospace industry observes verticals, trends, and popular figures that change over time. In working with you, we identify the influencers you should know, reach out when appropriate, and establish connections that can turn into business partnerships with the right level of consideration, conversation, and collaboration.

Integration into Relevant Social Media Communities – Recognizing the digital communities that exist around us, our digital natives are skilled in integrating content into groups that don’t often show up on every radar. With years of experience forming relationships in the industry, Focused Image can identify the influencers you need to know and establish a direct line with them, allowing for relationships to grow and become more coordinated and collaborative over time.

For all our aerospace clients and the customers they serve, effective social media management means better performance and better results.

Digital Marketing

Our portfolio notably includes developing multi-campaign programs for aerospace companies to promote their specific aircraft in active contract negotiation to position the company as part of the aerospace community. The Focused Image team has the knowledge to market within the aerospace community and to the customers they serve. We have tested ourselves on our ability to drive significant results by effectively segmenting and targeting audiences through geodemographic data, interest and behavior data, keyword searches, and more.

For all our clients, we can offer a full range of digital solutions, services, and advertising, including:

Website and Multimedia Development – Keeping your digital footprint in shape with your target value design is critical to reaching your audience with the right message and the right tone at the correct time. In 2021, a site with no social interactivity, fresh content, or new ideas is a site that will deliver minimal effectiveness. Today’s audience demands executive viewpoints, facts from subject matter experts, smart accessibility through all search and mobile platforms, and enough information to make informed decisions about your brand if they so choose. The digital strategists at Focused Image will map out specific digital and interactive strategies that get right to the core of your business, accentuating recent contract wins or mergers with tact, and engaging the company brand in the defense and commercial sectors.

Integrated Digital Advertising Plans – Staying consistent with your integrated digital advertising plans is paramount to increasing and retaining engagement with your audience. We examine your company’s direction to create new competitive advantages and all the relevant tactics you could employ to obtain them. If you want to be successful in marketing yourself as a true leader in aerospace and technology, you will need a strategy that blends all your marketing tactics into one seamless package built with the bigger picture in mind.

Messaging Development – Aerospace companies with a strong message have a robust marketing platform to develop campaigns that effectively connect with consumers. For our clients in the commercial and defense sectors and the intelligence community, we offer assistance in positioning and development to produce specific statements made to reinforce your marketing platform. Focused Image creates messaging that is relevant, thought-provoking, and interesting to a wide range of audiences and goes beyond the normal scope of vision.

Radio and TV Advertising: Creation and Production – To effectively boost your brand as an aerospace business, we take on the challenge of understanding your driving principles and create fresh content using the technology that best supports your mission. Our experts employ radio and television advertising techniques like scripting, ad placement, link building, and keyword optimization to ensure that you are communicating relevant, appropriate, and benefit-driven subject matter to your audience for the extent of your media campaign and onward. We finalize advertising with input directly from you to ensure that you have the most compelling content that stays above your competitors’ static.

Online Design – Our experts look at problems and present comparable solutions to provide an easy way for the client to approve or change designs with maximized input. We choose to bring a higher aesthetic to every type of business communication for all aerospace clients — from fonts to coloration; our creative team works with you to connect your brand to your audiences through intelligent design. To maximize your impact as a business in aerospace technology, we use design comps or other marketing materials to build your reputation across digital platforms to engineer the solutions you see fit.

Campaign Management – For more than 30 years, we have provided expertise in branding, campaigns, and public relations to a wide range of defense and aerospace-focused clients worldwide. Our experience shows that a great marketing initiative is executed, tracked, and analyzed by a team well-trained in monitoring social channels, managing campaign content, and reporting result metrics. Focused Image’s experience working within the aerospace market has told us that logistics meetings and daily evaluations of your media campaign can ensure that your goals are met on time with results-driven precision and accuracy.

Search Engine Optimization – In our experience working with aerospace corporations, optimizing a business profile involves publishing content, scheduling media placements, setting up business profiling, marketing to high-profile influencers, pushing out quality press releases, and establishing relationships with the industry. We go the extra mile by gauging your business’s performance in a dynamic range over time and improving business in difficult areas, including media buying, ad placements, and A/B testing. We know it can be challenging to optimize your digital presence in the aerospace and defense sectors — we are here to help you in whatever way we can.

Analytics – The analysts at Focused Image know the wide net that metrics reporting can cast and how difficult it can be to make sense of an abstract. We provide measurable results that summarize the resources invested in a campaign with an in-depth look at the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that should be used to determine its strategic, financial, and operational achievements in the next fiscal term(s). If you are trying to get ahead of businesses within your sector, start with building better metrics.

Our digital marketing process incorporates our knowledge of industry dynamics into our applied methodology of message maintenance and monitoring of your digital footprint to yield positive results time and time again.


At Focused Image, we understand the breadth of the aerospace supply chain. Whether your part/component or platform is deployed by the military, Intelligence Community (IC), or first responders, we have a team of professionals you can count on. Working with our award-winning design team, we can push your digital, print, and video production to the next level with a trajectory set on achieving early success. At Focused Image, your design is more than just a pretty picture; it takes strategy, planning, tactics, and a strong creative team to build a better brand. The designers at Focused Image produce creative content across a full variety of mediums to help amplify your brand as an innovator in the aerospace industry, illustrating your uniqueness and cutting through the chaff of your competition. On the design side, we offer these services:

Corporate Identity – We believe that any organization’s corporate identity in aerospace is more than just corporate culture or a rough representation of the people in your office. Our designers are adept at taking your concepts and painting an illustrative idea of the business’s personality. To create a consistent corporate image and corporate identity, we work with our clients to ensure that they will be recognized, remembered, and redistributed to the right consumer base.

Logo Development – The design team at Focused Image makes logos that are crafted to help customers identify with your brand and your identity. With a relevant logo design that is also memorable and recognizable, we can help your business establish relationships with new customers and retain your current consumer base. We have developed a disciplined process to design logos for our clients that rise leagues above those of our competitors, due to our learned ability to stay rooted in the values that make your company unique and our keen eye for detail.

Print, Radio, and TV Advertising: Creation and Production – The collateral we produce for our clients in the aerospace community generally focuses on establishing exceptional visual style, presenting multiple design approaches to the client so they can select and refine it to meet their custom specifications. When a client asks for collateral, our designers come together and create awe-striking physical materials that provide information about their business to their requested specifications. We produce award-winning digital artwork using the full range of products in broadcast automation and video production, as well as the latest in art drafting technology, color palette curation, and up-to-date design software.

Sales Presentations – Sales presentations or pitches are just one way to persuade aerospace customers. A sales presentation strategy for a product or service is designed to initiate and close a product or service sale. Focused Image has developed a presentation outline that is guaranteed to yield results, with an initial review of your strategy that leads to a scripted sales pitch. Our teams design and build the presentation to your exact specifications with your input every step of the way. In our experience, the most effective sales pitch is one that is short, sweet, and gets to the heart of your business in seconds.

Tradeshow Exhibits – Even in a pandemic, tradeshow exhibits can help propagate your brand as an aerospace company to consumers of all backgrounds, industry partners from different sectors, and market competitors alike. When signing on to present at a tradeshow, Focused Image looks at the show’s requirements and specifications and selects the proper booth hardware and second figuration. Our teams create the overall design, develop all the necessary graphics, oversee the fabrication, and manage logistics for show delivery.

Print Advertising – In the world of print advertising, businesses often sell themselves short with bad phrasing or even just a few poorly chosen words. Our in-house advertising specialists can take your campaign from development to placement, determining a thematic approach that works for you with fresh content that is accurate and sourced correctly. On top of producing eye-catching imagery, the Focused Image design team also writes the ad copy, designs the ads, sizes them as needed, and traffics them out for publication.

Digital Advertising – Any aerospace company that wants to build audience engagement and improve its approach to campaign concept development will pay attention to its digital ad space. Focused Image’s digital advertising team designs ads that are interesting to the viewer and are reinforced by accurately sourced content. We develop and refine your concepts with direct client input, taking the time to write the ad copy, design the ads, and size them as needed for placement on all relevant media channels. With our help, we can aid aerospace providers in search of in-depth logistical analysis by tracking their ad performance through an A/B test and consistently reported metrics. This digital advertising approach is just another reason Focused Image excels at public relations in the aerospace-defense industry.

Direct Marketing – During a marketing campaign, marketing items that rely on direct distribution to individual consumers instead of mass media should be handled by the right people. We tailor our services to assist our clients, regardless of whether the requirements are routine or out of the ordinary. Focused Image’s approach to direct marketing employs needs assessments to help our clients and their customers as we develop mockups with relevant customized copy. We oversee every step of production, helping clients obtain a mailing list and sending out marketing materials to increase customer interaction and interest.

Packaging – Our teams determine the marketing materials packaging approach that’s right for you and your business. We present form options to our aerospace clients and then develop designs, refining them through consistent client input, and oversee production and fulfillment. As we like to say at Focused Image, “The package is only as good as the work you put into it.”

Within the defense, space, and security sectors, design remains a crucial aspect of most aerospace companies. We operate in several markets, including aiding companies with marketing their commercial derivative aircraft, military rotorcraft, human space exploration, satellites, autonomous systems, and more. Don’t let design be your downfall — design better with Focused Image today.


We at Focused Image use industry-leading research, tools, and techniques to build brands that enhance visibility and reputation over time. Drawing from our experiences, we have seen that the right brand and the right marketing design can improve your bottom line and strengthen your value proposition. We know that your brand is the impression made in your customers’ minds, your potential prospects, new talent, and anyone else who may come in contact with your company. Our full range of branding services includes:

Brand Strategy – Our team believes that to effectively connect with your target audience, you need to form rational and emotional connections that ultimately enhance your brand awareness and brand perception. Every brand management approach starts with a market analysis of your brand and how it could be perceived. Our experts are here to help you understand how the world sees your brand, standing by to provide education on how to build your reputation in the markets you serve.

Brand Messaging – For most in the aerospace community, brand messaging is simply a vehicle to help customers understand what an organization can offer. Properly taking the time to shape your brand message will prove crucial to establishing success as a company. It articulates your brand’s promise and encourages interest in your company’s products and services. Focused Image can help your business shape a powerful brand message that identifies why customers should buy from you and not the next door down.

Integrated Branding Campaigns – For most branding campaigns, the object is to convert viewers into customers and convince them to spread the word about your product or service. An integrated marketing campaign done well combines multiple channels (e.g., content, email, display advertising, social media) to promote a clear and consistent message to a specific audience. With all our clients in aerospace, we run integrated branding campaigns to take advantage of your customer base’s varying aspects by identifying their purchasing power and demographics and instructing you on leveraging that pull with future branding campaigns.

Brand Guidelines – Focused Image produces brand guidelines that provide accurate and reliable information about the business, imbued with the tools and standards for using brand names, logos, typefaces, and other design elements in advertisements, brochures, newsletters, packaging, and online communications. For those in any industry, brand guidelines ensure that an organization uses the same brand elements unilaterally, company-wide. Defense contractors, government agencies, and aerospace companies that follow these best practices provide that their brand consistency and discipline are even across the board, with little to no fallout between brand transitions when they occur.

Taglines – A well-written tagline is one short phrase that captures the essence of a company’s brand, messaging, and positioning, and what distinguishes it from its competitors. Our creative teams understand how to find a tagline that works for you and how to engineer a company theme that best supports your customers, your business, and the culture you want to create.

Campaigns – The brand engineers at Focused Image are well-schooled in the various ways of reminding stakeholders who they are and why they should do business with them When working with our clients in aerospace on creating and conducting campaigns, we effectively promote the products, services, and solutions they have to sell, no matter the size, scope, or duration of the project.

If you are an organization in the aerospace technology industry looking to build and execute a better brand, we offer the following full brand implementation services:

Logo Development – If your business goal is to raise brand awareness and customer engagement, you need a relevant logo design that sticks. The Focused Image design team makes logos that are crafted to help customers identify with your brand and your identity. In our years of experience, we have developed a disciplined process for developing logos that extends into our stationery suite, and developed a corporate identity manual to be used by all our clients.

Website Design – Our web design team implements on-page SEO, test, and launch methods to create eye-catching seamless pages to drive interest and increase site awareness. When designing a website from the ground up, we start by determining creative direction first and then develop comp designs for the client to review. After the client has reviewed the site and provided feedback, we can create the wireframes, source and write the copy, and effectively build out the site to be monitored and controlled via a content management system (CMS) that houses web data analytics software.

Content Development – We are known in various markets for developing content that is sourced accurately, cites appropriate Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and carries messaging through clearly and articulately. Our writers work diligently to create engaging content that promotes your company’s positive attributes and communicates relevant, appropriate, and benefit-driven subject matter to your audience for the extent of a media campaign and beyond.

Collateral Design – Our designers present multiple design approaches to the client for selection and refinement to produce high-resolution digital artwork. Designing collateral requires establishing a visual style and thematic elements to be portrayed on flyers, pamphlets, brochures, and other materials.

Sales Presentations – In an attempt to make sales presentations bearable for everyone involved, we at Focused Image work with our clients and provide them with a presentation outline, a written script, design, and, eventually, the final production of their presentation. The way you sell yourself is how you will sell your products and services — work with us and make it count.

Tradeshow Exhibits – When a client of ours wants to present at a tradeshow, we determine the requirements, select the booth hardware configuration they need, and then design and develop all the graphics required for the exhibition. Tradeshows are excellent opportunities to grow your brand and network with other businesses in your industry, and we want you to see them the same way we do. To maximize the opportunity, we oversee every part of the process, from fabrication to delivery logistics tracking, to ensure that your tradeshow exhibition is successful.

Print Advertising – Our experts in advertising bring fresh ideas to campaign concept development, coming up with thematic approaches, sourcing content appropriately and accurately, refining concepts, and adjusting ad design and copy with the client before finally publishing something sure to reach new customers. In working with us, you will strengthen your understanding of print advertising and improve the portrayal of words, images, and formatting to incite intrigue and maintain interest from your audience.

If you want to optimize your ad performance, Focused Image is here to help you and your business reach your intended marketing goals. Our digital advertising team works with you to determine and build your audience from conceptualizing to placing the ads on media channels and tracking their viewership and engagement with A/B tests and other metrics that might be of interest.

Direct Marketing

At Focused Image, direct marketing takes a different approach to needs assessments and email insights. We develop your idea from concept to mockup with copy that connects with the reader and designs that will surely delight when they arrive in their mailbox or inbox. We provide production oversight, send out your marketing materials to mailing lists, and more, for increased customer interaction and newfound interest.


We’re here to help you put your best foot forward in packaging your product, as our team knows that a product is only as good as the packaging that contains it. Our team determines the packaging approach that is right for you, presenting form options and developing designs that change as indicated. Focused Image can help you sell your product or service by recognizing which factors affect the way others view your company.

Focused Image’s branding process can change the way potential defense customers think about and experience your aerospace business, reshaping and refocusing your company’s image and message to be as clean, clear, and consistent as possible. We are here to help you stand out from your competitors and make your brand rise above the rest. Whether you work for the U.S. government or local or state agencies or you specialize in commercial development, Focused Image has the firepower you need for your idea to take flight. For all our potential clients in the intelligence and defense communities, this is where flight begins: it all starts with one Focused Image.