What We Do


Our award-winning design teams take every opportunity to push your digital, print, and video production to the next level. It’s more than just a pretty picture – it takes strategy, planning, and creativity to build your brand. The designers at Focused Image produce creative across numerous different mediums to help amplify your brand, illustrate your uniqueness, and cut through the clutter.

On the design side, we offer these services:

Corporate Identity

We believe that an organization’s corporate identity can’t just be boiled down to a rough sense of the company culture. Our designers work to paint an illustrative idea of the personality behind the business. To create a consistent corporate image and corporate identity, we work with our clients’ to ensure that they will be recognized, remembered, and redistributed to the right consumer base. When done right, a uniform corporate identity can be realized within its target audience in little to no time. In our tenure, Focused Image has perfected a disciplined process in developing identity concepts, employing a stationery suite, and furthering the development of a corporate identity manual.

Logo Development

A well-designed logo can help your business establish relationships with new customers and retain your current consumer base. The design team at Focused Image makes logos that are crafted to help customers identify with your brand and your identity. With a relevant logo design that is also memorable and recognizable, your business can raise brand awareness and customer engagement. We have developed a disciplined process to create logos for our clients, extending into a stationery suite and developing a corporate identity manual.

Collateral Design

When a client asks for collateral, our designers put their brains together to create compelling physical materials that provide information about their business and give it an image. The collateral we produce focuses on establishing visual style, presenting multiple design approaches to the client so they can select and refine to meet their custom specifications. We create award-winning digital artwork using the full range of products in the Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, to name a few.

Sales Presentations

Sales presentations or pitches are a way to attempt to persuade with a sales presentation strategy of a product or service designed to initiate and close a sale of the product or service. For the perfect pitch, Focused Image develops presentation outlines for review, writes the script, develops the presentation design, and then builds out the presentation. In our experience, the most effective sales pitch is one that is impactful and concise.

Tradeshow Exhibits

Tradeshow exhibits can help propagate your brand to consumers, industry partners, and competitors alike. When signing on to present at a tradeshow, we look at the show’s requirements and specifications and select the proper booth hardware and set-up figuration. Our design teams create the overall design and develop all the necessary graphics and oversee the fabrication and manage logistics for show delivery.

Print Advertising

In print advertising, most businesses sell themselves short by a few words. Our team of in-house advertising specialists takes your campaign concept from development to placement, determining the thematic approach, and accurately sourcing content. The design team at Focused Image does more than concept development; we write the ad copy, design the ads, size them as needed, and traffic them out for publication.

Digital Advertising

Advertising with Focused Image is a gainful move to help determine and build audience engagement and improve campaign concept development. The techniques our digital advertising team use determines the thematic approach necessary to achieve success. The digital ads we design are reinforced by accurately sourced content as we develop and refine concepts with client input, write the ad copy, design the ads and size them as needed for placement on media channels. We can then track the ads’ performance with an A/B test and consistently reported metrics for the subsequent logistical analysis.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing materials are any marketing items that rely on direct distribution to individual consumers instead of mass media. Our approach to direct marketing employs needs assessments, as we take your idea from concept development to developing mockups with customized copy. We oversee every step of production and help you obtain a mailing list and send out your marketing materials to increase customer interaction and interest.


In packaging marketing materials, our teams determine the packaging approach that’s right for you. We present form options to our client and then begin to develop designs, refining with consistent client input, and overseeing production and fulfillment from the manufacturing facility to the customer. As we like to say at Focused Image, the package is only as good as the work you put into it.

Drawing from our experiences, we have seen that the right brand and the right marketing design can improve your bottom line and strengthen your value proposition. Don’t let design be your downfall – design with Focused Image today.