What We Do

Social Media Management

An external digital presence belonging to a business is the first thing a potential customer will see when seeking information about your brand. At Focused Image, our Digital Natives possess the skill sets necessary to develop valuable, social content strategies that connect with target audiences across various channels and platforms to maximize reach, build, and maintain interest. Drawing from our unique experiences, we connect with subject matter experts (SME) and social media influencers to leverage your brand further. We offer these services across a full range of social media platforms:

Social media strategy

How do you want to be seen on social media? To help you answer this question, Focused Image can help assess, assemble, and attain realistic and relevant social media marketing goals. We compile a summary of your social media wants, needs, and intended marketing milestones to aid you in your actions and let you know what went well or what needs to be improved. The more specific your social media strategy is, the more effective it will be.

Implementation plans

An implementation plan, like a strategic action plan, is a process that dictates the actions and methods you’ll use to turn your strategy into something tangible. Whether you’re executing a new marketing plan or introducing an updated platform to your organization, we craft highly effective implementation plans using tools and strategies such as the work breakdown structure and critical path method to plan out the most efficient handling of tasks. We can improve your business by hosting weekly or monthly planning sessions, developing real-time editorial or campaign calendars, conducting risk assessments, assisting in delegating tasks, and any other deliverables you may need.

Social channel management

Effectively managing a digital social presence requires more than just knowing your demographic. With a highly-skilled execution team and a calculated media strategy directed at best practices to improve social channel response, Focused Image’s social media maestros can help you with channel monitoring, content management, increasing paid and organic engagement, commenting on posts and other responses, reporting result metrics, and achieving overall channel optimization.

Content development

Focused Image’s award-winning content strategy works well because we develop content with a focus, source accurately, and citing appropriate SMEs. When we draft content, we always finalize with client input and any other additional considerations. With our level of expertise in creating content, we can confidently ensure high-quality content every time.

Creative execution

Our goal at Focused Image is to translate your marketing strategy into a well-developed and polished brand-building campaign that stays in line with your specified strategic objectives from start to completion. In developing campaign concepts, we present custom-designed, or “design comps” to provide an easy way for the client to approve or adjust designs with their input. At this stage, we have enough information to create a final, comprehensive layout of your creative execution plan with the accuracy you need to achieve success.

Campaign management

At Focused Image, we work to ensure that each client is involved with every part of the marketing process to ensure goals are accomplished. By monitoring your channels, managing content, reporting result metrics, or even responding to comments and other types of responses, we ensure the campaign is more effective and with longer-lasting results.

Metrics reporting

For all of our clients, we provide measurable results to examine the services and resources necessary to carry out your marketing strategy’s goals. When delivering reports, we analyze campaign results with both a macro and a micro lens, identifying trends and lessons learned in a cohesive analysis that you can actually understand.

Connecting with industry influencers

Every industry is different, with different verticals, trends, and influential figures to observe change over time. We identify these influencers for our clients, reaching out as we see appropriate throughout our time working together, establishing cooperative relationships, and coordinating business partnerships that are sure to last.

Integration into relevant social media communities

Digital communities exist all around us. In social media, integrating into relevant communities might not come easy to some. With years of experience forming relationships in the industry, Focused Image can identify the influencers you need to know and establish a direct line with them, allowing for relationships to grow and become more coordinated and collaborative.

Effective social media management means better performance and results for our clients and the customers they serve.