What We Do

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing experts at Focused Image have a complete understanding of the GSP consumer. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively segment and target your audience through geodemographic data, interest and behavior data, keyword searches, and more to drive results from idea to inception. We offer these services across a full range of digital solutions:

Digital Strategy

It is our imperative to understand the needs and wants of our clients and their customers, and how we can improve business performance with new products or reimagining things as they are. Our digital strategy approach examines the direction an organization needs to create unique competitive advantages and the relevant tactics required to get there. Our media strategy specialists draw the digital roadmap that’s right for you, tailored to achieve your specific goals through strategic online marketing channels such as paid, earned, and owned media.

Integrated Digital Advertising Plans

If you want to be successful in marketing yourself, you need a strategy that blends all your marketing tactics into one seamless package. By being consistent with your integrated digital advertising plans, you can increase and retain engagement with your audience. We believe that promoting your message through multiple digital platforms can – and does – build greater awareness and help you reach your target audience in new and innovative ways.

Messaging Development

Businesses with a strong message must have a robust marketing platform to develop campaigns that can effectively connect with the customer. We offer expertise in positioning for our government service providers – how you want your audience to think about your service – and developing better messaging with specific statements built to reinforce your marketing platform. Focused Image creates messaging that is relevant, thought-provoking, and interesting to a wide range of audiences.

Content Development

The content creators at Focused Image emphasize techniques like link building and proper use of keywords to ensure you are communicating relevant, appropriate, and benefit-driven subject matter to your audience for the extent of your media campaign, and on. As a quality check, we always finalize with input directly from the client to ensure that your content is the best it can be.

Creative Execution

In the past, our clients have come to us with campaign concepts that have presented them with difficulties in creative implementation. Our experts look at the problem and propose a comparable solution to provide an easy way for the client to approve or change designs with their input. Using design comps or other marketing materials, we can build your reputation across digital platforms to reunite with previous clients or form relationships within a new, potential client base.

Campaign Management

To successfully plan, execute, track, and analyze a marketing initiative, you need a team that is trained in monitoring social channels, managing campaign content, and reporting result metrics, to name a few. Focused Image evaluates your media campaign daily, continually optimizing the creative to ensure that objectives are met. Your campaign can succeed – if you do it right.


In our experience, optimizing your business profile involves publishing SEO content, scheduling media placements, setting up business profiling, marketing to high-profile influencers, pushing out quality press releases, and establishing relationships in the industry. We go the extra mile by gauging your business’s performance in a dynamic range over time, improving businesses in a number of challenging areas, including media buying, ad placements, and A/B testing. We know it can be challenging to optimize your digital presence, and we are here to help you in whatever way we can.

Metrics Reporting

We provide documented findings to our clients so they can examine the results of their marketing strategy. The analysts at Focused Image are keen on measuring results of the resources invested in a project or on a campaign, taking an in-depth look at the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that should be used to determine success. If you are trying to get ahead of businesses within your sector, assimilating and understanding data is the key.

Our digital marketing process incorporates our knowledge of industry dynamics into our applied methodology of message maintenance and monitoring of your digital footprint that yields positive results time and time again.